Paragliding experience

Dune Parapente invite you to make anParagliding tandem flightfrom the beginning of April to the end of September on the magnificent site of the Pilat dune (Gironde). You will be accompanied by our qualified and experienced instructors who will introduce you to free flight in complete safety.
Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in the commune of La Teste de Buch, the Dune du Pyla sur Mer is an exceptional and world-renowned site for paragliding only 35 min from Bordeaux and 10 min from Biscarrosse Plage.
An aerological phenomenon called "dynamic lift" will regularly allow us to make you discover this unforgettable aerial experience. This phenomenon essential to the practice of free flight on the dune is linked to the strength and direction of the wind. 

Dune Parapente offers 3 types of flight:

  • The flight Cool : a calm flight ideal for discovering paragliding.
  • The flight Fun : a more dynamic flight for thrill seekers (subject to favorable weather conditions).
  • The flight Premium : a premium offer that offers sensations and an introduction to piloting (includes 360° HD video).

We offer appointments only when the forecasts are optimistic (we consult several weather sites daily in order to have the most reliable information possible). 

educational tandem paragliding baptism

Baptême Parapente à la dune du Pyla

We don't fly:

  • In too strong wind
  • In too light wind
  • As soon as the wind direction is no longer suitable
  • In the rain and when the risk of storm is important

This is the reason why we can cancel booked reservations, the day before or the same day of the flight (forecasts can sometimes change quickly). “False forecasts” are rare but they can force us to cancel flights at the last moment. Small shifts and time delays are not impossible (the wind is capricious). 

We draw your attention to the fact that the wind speed has a direct link with the weight of the passenger that we can fly (low wind = small weights // stronger wind = greater weight). 

Our paragliding flights at the Dune du Pilat

From very cool flying to more dynamic and sporty flying (if conditions permit) we adapt our way of flying to your sensitivity:

  • A Cool paragliding flight at Le Pyla is a rather calm and contemplative experience
  • A fun flight will be more dynamic and will please thrill seekers.
  • Les vols durent de 10 à 30 minutes, avec ou sans vidéo
  • There is no age limit (just a weight limit: maximum 120 kgs)

How much does a paragliding flight at the dune cost?

Vertigo does not exist in paragliding, it only occurs when we have a link with the ground.
Warning: for sensitive people by boat or car, a dynamic flight of 20 min or more is not recommended. 
Medical contraindications: see frequently asked questions   

paragliding dune du Pilat baptism

Paragliding at the Dune du Pilat

Meeting place

To do your paragliding baptism, we give you an appointment on the beach of Gaillouney (at the level of the blockhaus).

After having parked on the PARKING of the small Nice GPS point (be careful: do not park at the CAMPING of the same name) pass the aid station and go down on the beach, go north (on the right) and walk (you will have the ocean on your left and the dune on your right) for about ten minutes to the first blockhouse: that's it, you've arrived. If our secretary is absent, a radio is available at the level of the green and white “Niviuk” flag (we may already be in flight) in order to communicate together. 

Consult the Access map to meet us.

Meeting point Dune Paragliding

Venez profiter d’un point de vue privilégié sur l’océan, le banc d’Arguin, le cap Ferret et la côte Landaise. Que vous passiez un week-end ou vos vacances autour du bassin d’Arcachon, dans les Landes, à Biscarrosse ou ailleurs, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour réserver votre paragliding 1st flight à la dune du Pyla.