frequently asked Questions

What age/weight to fly?

From the age of 4 years, maximum weight 120 kgs. Also the wind conditions can oblige us on the day of your flight, to set minimum or maximum weight limits to carry out quality and safe flights.

Minors and unaccompanied by a parent on the day of the flight must provide parental authorization to practice paragliding to download here. They will be asked for it on the day of the flight to carry out their baptism.

What physical conditions and contraindications?

Un certificat médical n’est pas obligatoire et l’activité est accessible à un large public, cependant nous déconseillons, voir refusons de faire voler les femmes enceintes et les personnes ayant des pathologies graves et qui peuvent impliquer de graves séquelles en cas de choc même léger.

Vertigo problems?

You can't get vertigo while paragliding, because you are not in contact with the ground once in flight.

How much does a paragliding flight at the dune cost?

We offer several types of flight at various prices. To find out the price of a paragliding flight at the Dune du Pilat, see our page prices.

How do I pay for my flight?

In cash or in checks with ID at the time of the flight. We do not take holiday vouchers.

Why am I paying on the spot?

No paragliding provider is able to guarantee you flights in advance, so we do not want to commit to charging you for flights in advance, for weather-related reasons.

Where can we find you?

The Dune du Pyla site is a classified site, where it is not possible to have a fixed office. You will be able to see us on the site on the days we fly. If you want to contact us, use our website, send us an email, or call us.

Meeting point access plan

What is the difference between cool flight and fun flight?

The cool flight is a cruise flight, there is no gaining speed, committed turn, or others. The fun flight is a ride flight that we come to decorate at times with stronger sensations by rapid passages near the dune, committed turns, gaining speed and others. In any case, the goal is to adapt to you and to have fun, by also adapting to the flight conditions.

What is Premium Flight?

the flight Premium is the most complete tandem paragliding flight we can offer. It lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes the option of 360° HD video + photos. It is a complete two-seater flight, with a more educational approach where we will alternate moments of walks and sensations at your request. We can also, if you wish, introduce you to the piloting of the paraglider, by explaining the piloting to you and leaving you the controls.

It is a flight also suitable for pilots new to paragliding, to better understand and apprehend flight in dynamics and by the sea (soaring). Reminder of priorities in flight, positioning in the lift and in relation to the slope, etc. We will try to answer all your questions to help you progress more quickly.

How to book a flight?

You must make a reservation online, we cannot always answer the phone, the dates and places available are updated. Online booking is free. You will only pay when completing the flight. Go to the booking link, choose the duration, the type of flight, with or without videos and fill in the various information requested (in additional information you can put your time constraints, the other dates when you are available in case of postponement, …. ).

Each reservation is personal, one reservation per person. If you have a gift voucher, remember to specify it.
The meeting time will be communicated to you the day before and will be fixed according to the weather. Once your reservation has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details. We send you a reminder email the day before, usually in the evening, after the weather report, confirming the flight, with all the necessary information (meeting time, itinerary, method of payment, etc.).

We communicate the day before and the day of your appointment by telephone and SMS. Remember to have your phone with you.

If there is a cancellation of an appointment or an uncertainty related to the weather, you will receive an email and/or an SMS the evening before, generally after the weather report between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. You can modify your appointment at any time via the account you have created on our site. If your flight is canceled you can resume another appointment on our website. We are of course counting on you to honor your appointment.
For groups (more than 8 people) and works councils, please contact us by email.

What weather conditions to fly?

In order to offer you a flight in the best possible conditions, we do not fly in the rain or in a sky where there is a high risk of thunderstorms. We also don't fly in southerly or easterly winds, winds that are too strong (above 40km/h) and winds that are too weak (below 10km/h).

Why is my flight canceled while paragliders are flying?

Tandem paragliding requires special conditions (which pilots in solo flight can sometimes overcome). In order to guarantee you a quality experience, we regularly consult, analyze and check the various weather forecast sites, radars and beacons at our disposal. The veracity of forecasts sometimes puts us at fault. The fact is rare but deserves to be underlined; some excellent forecasts prompting us to organize flight days can give way to cancellations of these and forecasts unsuitable for the practice of paragliding can also prove to be “flyable” from time to time. No structure can guarantee flights in advance.

My flight is maintained despite the forecast calling for rain?

Conventional forecasts are general forecasts which are not reliable for our activity, and by the sea when rain is announced, it is sometimes localized and also of short duration or even absent on the coast. Sometimes rain is announced and beautiful days of flight are at the rendezvous. We analyze the different forecasts in order to make the best decision to have the maximum chance of flying and you avoid unnecessary travel. But we cannot guarantee 100 % that your flight will take place on the day of your appointment because the weather remains a variable factor.

How is the activity going?

In general, we fly in the afternoon; but sometimes we fly in the morning or at sunset depending on the weather conditions of the day. As the activity depends on the weather, which is a variable factor, plan at least 2 hours on site. The wind does not always arrive at the time predicted by the weather models. It sometimes happens to wait, but the beach is quite nice as a waiting room. Plan beach business if you wish (swimsuit, parasol, etc,…). You can think of bringing a windbreaker if you are chilly and especially water if it is hot.

The flight circuit depends on the weather conditions and also sometimes on the duration of the flight (with more time this sometimes allows us to go for a walk further). We cannot guarantee you a flight height or a defined route, we do not have an engine and we adapt to the aerological conditions (our engine is the wind), each flight is different.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk from the Petit Nice beach car park to the meeting place, next to the bunker. Arrived on site, you will find our green and white flag materializing our meeting point. This is where we will welcome you. If there's no one, we're probably already airborne. Thank you for waiting for us there, we will come to see you as soon as our flight is over.

Depending on the strength of the wind and its direction, we will make you move on the beach and climb the dune in order to take off from the most suitable area. There is no need to run on takeoff, we generally take off and land seated (site specificity) and in the same place. If there are companions, we ask them to stay on the beach for safety reasons.

Why can't I fly with my friend?

The link between the weight on board under the wing (pilot + passenger) and the power of the wind is essential.

Indeed if the wind is weak we can easily fly with light weights while the heavier weights will fly in a stronger wind.

This is the reason why the given appointment times are sometimes different. If you want to fly with family or friends of different weights, you may not be flying at the same time, so plan some time on site. In the worst case, some will not be able to fly because the wind conditions do not always allow the heaviest passengers to fly.